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Appliance/Tool Test
Motor Test
Solenoid Test
Stator/Field Test
Armature Test
                 M7 Motor Tester 
• Touch Screen Interface
• Windowsฎ 7
• Lowest Board Count in the Industry
• High Reliability with Proven Design
• No Proprietary Boards or Assemblies 
• USB Interface – No I/O boards in C
• Remote Control Software for Factory Diagnostics/Updates
• Full Network Compatibility
• Integral Statistical Reporting
• Test Data May be Stored in Multiple
• Two Year Warranty on Electronics
• Serial Number Entry via Bar Code Scan
• DC Hi Pot and/or Insulation Resistance
• Date Coding - Pin Stamp, Laser, Label
• S/N Label Printing including Logo
• Reject Label Printer
• Label Detection
• Commutator Arc Detection
• Regulated Power - AC/DC
• Automatic In-Line Interface
  Typical Tests
• Hi Pot - AC or DC 
• Voltage  (VDC or VAC)
• Power (Watts)
• Current  (ADC or Amps RMS)
• Temperature
• Vacuum (In. H2O)
• Torque (Nm)
• Direction of Rotation
• Vibration - Broadband or Spectrum Analysis
• Thermal Cutout Functionality
Dual Station Brushless BEMF Tester including Automatic Shaft Engagement,  Hand Held Bar Code Scanners for S/N Entry and Reject Label Printer
Dual Station Loaded Motor Tester including Automatic Shaft Engagement, Automatic Bar Code Scanners, Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis (8 bands) with Automatic Accelerometer Placement and Reject Printer. Commercial Blender Motor is Tested under Load at 18,000 RPM