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Appliance/Tool Test
Motor Test
Solenoid Test
Stator/Field Test
Armature Test
                S7 Solenoid Tester
• Touch Screen Interface
• Windowsฎ 7
• Lowest Board Count in the  Industry
• High Reliability with Proven Design
• All Proprietary Boards are Second Sourced 
• USB Interface – No I/O boards in C
• Remote Control Software for Factory Diagnostics/Updates
• Full Network Compatibility
• Integral Statistical Reporting
• Test Data May be Stored in Multiple
• Two Year Warranty on Electronics
• DC Hi Pot and/or Insulation Resistance
• Infrared Temperature Compensation for Resistance
• Reject Label Printer
• Closed Loop Wire Bonding - Temperature Regulated 
• Inductance Test
• Supressor Test
• Automatic In-Line Interface
  Standard Tests
  Hi Pot
• 0 -5000 VAC, 0-10 mA
• Ramp Function, Arc Detection
• Standard “off the shelf” tester

  Coil Resistance
• .001 to 1K Ohm – auto ranged
• Temperature Compensated (ambient)
• Differential limits for imbalance (tension or wire)
•  High Sensitivity to Shorted turns
•  No Set-up, Masters or Learning required

   Field Strength
•  Expressed In Real Units - Tesla, Gauss, etc.
•  No Set-up, Masters or Learning required
Solenoid Test Fixture including Field Strength Test